Friday, May 22, 2009

Exciting upgrade at cakes by angelina!

I've been working on this table forever... originally a "console" table that you use in your living room.

I just bought this table on Monday. What was I torturing myself for??!! It's nearly twice the workspace and four inches higher.

I love it.

Wicked Weekend!

So last weekend (yeah I know I'm behind again) was a killer. Between cakes and meetings I didn't see my family at all and ended up sick from exhaustion...

The owner of Hatties (Beth) called me on Wednesday afternoon and needed a cake for Friday! Someone rented the restaurant out for the night and ended up needing a very cool cake! Obviously a Mardi Gras theme... served about 75.

Katie & Eric
They held the reception at The Lake George Club. The cake would serve 172 and I'll be posting some better pics when HBT gets their pics edited.

Amy was celebrating her engagement with this cute little cake that I added Posie Peddler flowers to. It would serve around 55.

Friday, May 1, 2009

A Trip With HBT

Attention!! Non-cake post to follow. Sorry-I just wanted to share.

My s-i-l Heather needed an extra hand for a couple engagement shoots in NYC this week. I carried bags, held lenses and kept her company. It was my third short trip to the city and the best so far.

Lelia & Ryan were the first couple and we went to quite a few locations with them.
Times Square

Seaport- where a boatload of tourists didn't want to miss a shot!

Graham turns two...

So I can't believe that my baby turned two last week! We had a bubble themed party and I wanted to share the cake here. Does is look like a bubble?

yes he eats cake!