Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mini wedding cakes...

This weekend brought me two sort-of last minute (3 weeks before) cakes that were both pretty small. Both served 42.

Lisa & Shawn
They were married at the VFW in Saratoga on Friday and everything was blue & brown (love those colors together!).

Heather & Randy
They were married at Silver Bay yesterday. The delivery was quite an adventure... it started to rain just as I got the cake in the car and then it rained harder - I could barely see the road! So after that and closed roads, I arrived 1/2 hour late (1st time ever!) but the priest was stuck in the weather too so it all worked out fine. Then I discovered there were no flowers like planned so I had to get crafty. There are fresh ferns, dogwood blossoms and birch branches on this cake. Very natural...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another busy weekend...

Sandy & Mark

They were celebrating their 1/3 of a century anniversary (33 years) and the cake served 106. Those are dog figurines made by her niece many years ago of Sandy's dogs that are no longer with her. Very sentimental!

Crystal & Jon

This reception was held at The Georgian in Lake George. This cake served 152 and fit into the tropical theme.

Allison & Christopher

Their reception took place at The Saratoga Golf & Polo Club at sunset. The cake served 106 with 36 cupcakes to round out the count. Looks like lots of fun in store for the guests...

Beverly & Leon
These two have been married for 50 years!! The original wedding cake was square so that's what we did this time but with a modern spin. This cake served 58 at The Gideon Putnam on Sunday.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ashleigh & James

Their reception is this evening at The Saratoga Hilton. This cake serves 214 and we had an extra little cake out back... Flowers by Posie Peddler-Gretchen helped me put all the flowers on!

This shot shows the detail of their monogram.

Monday, June 9, 2008


What a busy weekend...and was it hot! Four cakes this past Saturday and it was at least 95 with 90% humidity! Ugh-not great for buttercream cakes, but what can you do? Here they are...

Marilyn & Joseph

The small wedding & reception were held at The Gideon Putnam. This is a mini cake, serving just 50 people.

Meara & Justin

This reception was at The Museum of Dance and the cake served 74. The top was actually a dairy-free chocolate...

Sarah & Ralph

This was a Saratoga Hilton reception and the cake served 198. Lots of color this weekend...

Crissy & Andy

Their reception was also at The Gideon Putnam with Heather as the photographer. This one served 172. Flowers by Posie Peddler...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Shannon & David

Their reception was at The Gideon Putnam on Saturday. This one served 92.

The bride wanted some silver stars mixed into the flowers. Little secret...