Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Jade & Jay

This was the last cake of the year. They were married in Manchester, VT at The Equinox on Saturday. I designed the cake after their save-the-date card. The topper is made of gumpaste & fondant and I think it's pretty cute. The cake served 50.

Lisa & Scott

They held the reception at The Canfield Casino on Friday. The cake was only for cutting so it would serve 26. All chocolate cake with raspberry and chocolate mousse. Flowers by Posie Peddler. The photographer (The Classic Image) sent these pictures to me. I love when I get professional images since I'm not that great at taking them...

it is very rare that I see a bride let alone get my picture taken with her. (it's a good thing my cakes are more photogenic than I am.)

Jennifer & Matthew

Their wedding was 11.21.08 at The Saratoga Hilton. The cake served 130 and the flowers were from Price Chopper.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Betsy & John

They were married on Saturday at The Saratoga Hilton. The cake served 130 and the flowers were provided by Posie Peddler.

the monogram

Elizabeth & Benjamin

They were married Friday at The Canfield Casino. The cake served 100 and the topper was made by the bride's mother.

flowers by Posie Peddler

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Paula & Steven

They held the reception at The Saratoga Hilton on 11/1/08. Lots of leaves and cupcakes (180)!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ashley & Fran

This was a Saratoga Hilton wedding. The theme was black & white and they picked this design to go with it. The cake served 130.

Ashley ordered two groom's cakes from Leah at The Bread Basket.

Rebecca & Jeffrey

They held the reception at Echo Lake Lodge on Saturday but they were actually married in Jamaica a week ago (fun!). The cake served 152 and the leaves were made of fondant & gumpaste.

Christina & Andrew

They were married on 10/17 at The Lake George Club. The cake served 154 and those are real blueberries as the borders. (flowers: Finishing Touches)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Last big weekend!

Danielle & Patrick
The reception was held at The Gideon Putnam on Friday night. Their cake served 82 but I forgot my camera (again) and didn't think to use my phone. I'll try to get a picture soon...

Vicki & Scott
They booked their cake more than a year ago so it was great to finally see it done. This reception was at The Georgian and the cake served 180. The pumpkins, acorns & leaves are made of gumpaste and turned out so cute.

Sarah & Jim
This was another wedding at The Lake George Club. The cake served 154 and was 4 different flavor combinations (the bride made signs for all of them).

Christie & Tom
They were married at Lanzi's on Saturday and the cake was 92 servings. The tree is made by Creations By Apryl and was so pretty for the top.

Katie & Mike
They had the whole wedding at The Museum of Dance yesterday. The cake served 208.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Yay, It's Fall!

Fall is my favorite time of year. The leaves, pumpkins & apples and the colors alone just make me happy. So I love to make fall-themed cakes of course. Here are a few and there are more to come in the weeks to follow.

Jennifer & Charles
The reception was held in Granville at The Forum Restaurant. The cake itself served 100 but there were 2 additional half sheets to feed a total of 240 people! (flowers from Lasting Impressions)

Julie & John
Their reception was at The Saratoga Hilton and the cake served 198. (flowers from Posie Peddler)
Nikki & Jeff
This was at The Lake George Club and served 140. (Now I wish I had copper cake boards!) I have to mention Finishing Touches again for the assortment of greenery and accents left for the cake. They do a spectacular job on flowers and decor!
Ashley & Geoff
This cake served 130 at The Canfield Casino. They also had 'Saratoga' and apple pies from The Bread Basket Bakery. (another vintage topper) (flowers by Heavenscent-unfortunately the bride only wanted berries for the cake... which you can't see on the chocolate)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kelly & Jason

They had the reception at The Saratoga Hilton on Saturday. The cake served 166 and was based on a design that the bride found in Well Wed.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another big weekend!

This weekend had 5 more cakes and I got lots of help from the girls at The Bread Basket. THANK YOU to Leah Stewart & Kelly Rice for getting me through.

Kara & Orin
They were married on Saturday at B&B on the Green. The cake serves 100 and the topper was from her parent's wedding cake.

Marissa & John
They were wed at The Saratoga Hilton and this cake served 308!

Tammy & Ken
Their wedding was at The Georgian and served 74.

Nicole & Eric
They had a casual wedding in the Saratoga State Park on Sunday. They opted for 102 cupcakes for their guests.

Ashley & Christof
This one was at The Lake George Club on Sunday and it was so humid that day! The cake served 195 and when we left, they decided to pop it into the cooler until later that night. So glad they did!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

another big weekend...

Five cakes this past weekend and now I can't move! Five more this week and I'm getting lots of help from the girls at the bakery.

Lea & Graham
I don't have a picture as this was another cake left in the cooler. They were married at Sunnyside Gardens (Lea's family owns it) so the cake had lots of flowers on it. I hope to add a picture at another time.

Devan & Brandon
Their reception was held at The Edison Club and they opted for cupcakes-200 of them!

Katherine & Sean
This was at The Saratoga Hilton and served 154. All chocolate cake with white chocolate mousse.

Dana & Iosif
They were married at The Lake George Club and the cake served 180.

Katie & Josh
Another one at The Lake George Club on Sunday and served 172.

You can find these chairs at Impressions of Saratoga.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Amy & Stephen

They were married on Sunday at The Saratoga Hilton. The cake served 172 and each layer was a different flavor. I love doing cakes in chocolate buttercream but I only get to do it once a year...

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lisa & Chris

They were married yesterday at The Fort William Henry in Lake George. The cake served 140 and the groom's cake was made by Leah at The Bread Basket Bakery.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Two weeks ago

Sorry about the delay! I am still catching up from my trip to VA... These were from 08.16.08:

Nicole & Matt
They were married at Dunham's Bay Resort on Lake George. The cake served 130 and was a mix of flavors.

Jennie & Greg
Their wedding was at The Six Flags Lodge in Glens Falls-Adirondack themed of course. This one served 100.

Rita & Mike
This display of cake served 200 people at The Crooked Lake House in Averill Park.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Leanne & Peter
This small cake and cupcakes served 60 all together. The reception was in the family's back yard.

Julia & Todd
They were married at Christ the King Spiritual Life Center in Greenwich. This cake was such a neat idea-all the guests' names written on it and it served 154. Each side is different and I had to carefully plan it out.

How did I plan it? Each name was printed and cut out to easily move around.

Tawn & Jacob
Unfortunately I did not get a picture of their cake either as I left it in a cooler until closer to the reception time. It was a little too warm out for buttercream on Cossayuna Lake (in Argyle). I hope to also get a picture of their cake at a later time.


Justine & Matt
This small cake (44 servings) went to The Queensbury Hotel on Friday night. They had a bagpiper-really neat! Again, absolute downpour on the way there...I'm going to need a boat soon.

Jolie & Jeff
I did not get a picture of their cake as they had someone pick it up. Hopefully they'll send one... They have been together for 18 years and have three children but they finally decided to get married on lucky 8/8/08.