Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another big weekend!

This weekend had 5 more cakes and I got lots of help from the girls at The Bread Basket. THANK YOU to Leah Stewart & Kelly Rice for getting me through.

Kara & Orin
They were married on Saturday at B&B on the Green. The cake serves 100 and the topper was from her parent's wedding cake.

Marissa & John
They were wed at The Saratoga Hilton and this cake served 308!

Tammy & Ken
Their wedding was at The Georgian and served 74.

Nicole & Eric
They had a casual wedding in the Saratoga State Park on Sunday. They opted for 102 cupcakes for their guests.

Ashley & Christof
This one was at The Lake George Club on Sunday and it was so humid that day! The cake served 195 and when we left, they decided to pop it into the cooler until later that night. So glad they did!

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Fantastic Figments said...

I love love love Marisa and John's Cake. Very whimsy feel to it :) You are extremely talented!. Hellow from a fellow artistic Saratogian!