Wednesday, September 10, 2008

another big weekend...

Five cakes this past weekend and now I can't move! Five more this week and I'm getting lots of help from the girls at the bakery.

Lea & Graham
I don't have a picture as this was another cake left in the cooler. They were married at Sunnyside Gardens (Lea's family owns it) so the cake had lots of flowers on it. I hope to add a picture at another time.

Devan & Brandon
Their reception was held at The Edison Club and they opted for cupcakes-200 of them!

Katherine & Sean
This was at The Saratoga Hilton and served 154. All chocolate cake with white chocolate mousse.

Dana & Iosif
They were married at The Lake George Club and the cake served 180.

Katie & Josh
Another one at The Lake George Club on Sunday and served 172.

You can find these chairs at Impressions of Saratoga.

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