Monday, July 20, 2009

Ashley & John

They were married on Saturday as well at Saratoga National. The cake fed 208 and the flowers were provided by Fleurtacious Designs. I just love the open roses-Thank you Kris Ann!

Kimm & Jarel

They were married on Saturday at Union Gables. The cake fed 80 and the color came from the bridesmaid's dresses. The planner, Shannon Whitney, told me that she had to give Kimm a "pep" talk so she would cut it. How sweet!

Jessica & Adam

They were also married on Friday with a reception at The Saratoga Hilton. The cake fed 150 and the design was from the invitations.

Kristina & Daniel

They were married on Friday and held the reception at The Canfield Casino. The cake fed 80 and the design was to look like the lace on her dress.